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Racquets Serving Hope | Tennis Lessons
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Tennis Lessons

RSH Philly also offer Private and Group Tennis Lessons. If you are interested in taking private and group tennis lessons please go to  All lesson are being given by RSH Vice President Sanjin Kunovac. Please read bellow to find out more information about Sanjin and his coaching style. 


As a former player and coach at the world famous IMG Nick Bolletterri Tennis Academy, I have been trained by and have worked with some of the best tennis coaches in the world. I have vast experience coaching players of all levels. My greatest accomplishments as a coach have come from training players who have high ambitions of playing and competing in College Tennis. I am inspired by ambitious players who work hard in order to attain their goals as tennis players in higher levels. I am very excited to share my passion for tennis and my knowledge about the sport with you. Please check out the Tennis Tips section where you will find valuable information from me and other tennis coaches from around the world. I believe that in life we have to always strive to learn and to improve in everything we do. Although we should be satisfied at times, we need to continue to improve and to seek new solutions to both past and current problems. Success is a marathon, and I would like to run it with you. Find out more about my coaching coaching philosophy.


Tennis is in my DNA. From escaping war as a refugee, to graduating college, everything great that has ever happened to me in life has been because of my family and tennis. I have competed, I have traveled with, and I have been coached by, as well as coached alongside of the best in the tennis world. Now, I would love to share my passion, my knowledge, and my love for tennis with you, so that is can bring you the same joys in life that it has brought me. My tennis coaching philosophy is a combination of the 80/20 Rule, also called the "Law of the Vital Few” and Jean-Pol Martin's philosophy "Learning through Teaching”. Through both approaches my goal is to help my players to learn (1) to depend on themselves and (2) to understand "why” their game is or is not working on a particular day. I push my players to work extremely hard on not only the fundamentals of tennis but also on the finding there unique playing style, which is key to becoming a successful tennis player.

My coaching philosophy comes from three different sources

IMG Academies (Nick Bollettieri) - My Sister (Sanela Kunovac) - My Players


Nick Bollettieri

About 60% of my tennis coaching philosophy come from Nick Bollettieri and all the other IMG tennis coaches that have taught me. The most important lesson that I have learned is that almost all successful tennis players are team players. As funny as that may sound coming from an individual sport, great tennis players respect their coaches, trainers, and parents. They know that without their support system they will not get very far. Great players also know the importance of working hard day in and day out, training and pushing themselves each day to be 1% better then the day before. Great players are smart and versatile, the know their own strengths and weaknesses and know how to find and attack their opponents weaknesses at the exact time. Great players have great self discipline. They know that if they want to be great, they have to sacrifice time and time again. There is no coach in the world that works harder then Nick Bolletierri! I know you will see Nick in a lot of my coaching.

Sanela Kunovac

20% of my coaching philosophy and 80% of my character comes from my sister Sanela Kunovac. Sanela tought me that 100% of great players have great footwork. No matter how athletic or gifted you may be, great footwork is always earned and never received. Great players play through pain. Great players dont only win when they play well, they also find a a way to win when they are playing their worst too. Great players have inner confidence and belief, they have respect for the game and for their opponents. They are never scared to lose and when they do, they dont think for even one second think that are a "loser". Sanela taught me that great tennis players have great preparation. Great players have an ability to remain calm under pressure and to bounce back from disappointments, and truly believe that they deserved to win. Great players dont always win great, but they usually win.

Everywhere else: A great coach is...

  1. Always available.
  2. Believes in others.
  3. Compassionate.
  4. Dependable.
  5. Energetic.
  6. Fun loving.
  7. Gracious & a good listener.
  8. Humble.
  9. Inspiring.
  10. Juggles many tasks at one time.
  11. Kind.
  12. Listener & learner.
  13. Motivator.
  14. Nonjudgmental.
  15. Optimistic.
  16. Problem solver.
  17. Quality person.
  18. Respectful of others.
  19. Satisfying just to be around.
  20. Trustworthy.
  21. Understanding.
  22. Volunteer.
  23. Witty with a laugh & words.
  24. X-cited about life in unique ways.
  25. Yes man – it can be done.
  26. Zealous about life and others.